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Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
9:00. he is running for oakland's city council. and number of officials and organizations have endorsed him but some people in the neighborhood say wait a minute reporter linda each night on his legal problems and the questions he did not want to answer. >>> he took me to the army base and said it sounded like a promising investment a future by diesel plant at the sites of the old oakland army base. so mariel and his wife took out an act to $210,000 to mario torres. in oakland real-estate broker now running for city council. they say was never pay them back. and the site for the plant is still empty. >>> he was able to win our trust and then abused it. so that he could basically steal money from us. pedro says he paid war is more than $20,000 to help him open up a sports bar in oakland. but more than a year later he asked what happens. and i thought nothing was done. he says he stopped taking his calls he has no sports bar of his life savings are gone and he had to break the news to his college-bound son. >>> as said the hell you have to pay for college now because i have no
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, redwood city. new report set in concord. we're looking at temperatures topping in the 90s. in downtown san francisco for the second straight day care same story for oakland. hottest two day stretch of weather in downtown. it's all changing. coming up, find out who will be 30 degrees cooler this time tomorrow. that's coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> you can blame it on the heat. s that their excuse this time. gasoline prices are soaring again. you might want to fill up in the next day or two. cbs 5 reporter on how much prices could spike by friday. it's too hot, that's the excuse? >> reporter: exactly. the experts are predicting that gas could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.50 by the end of the week. they're blaming a host of maintenance problems at refineries. one in particular in southern california couldn't take the heat. the record heat that's been sweeping across the state was apparently too much for the power grid in southern california. the exxon mobile shut down yesterday. a transformer mal functioned. compare that with the chevron refinery in richmond and you
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a level area not a warehouse >>> he's worked with city planners and architects to design the perfect place thanks to state bond money his vision of reality a brand of veterans home in fresno the first in the central valley >>> we got at 4 >>> a barber shop and general store where a clinic also and kitchenette >>> a virtual village of 240,000 square feet with 300 single rooms private bathrooms and landscaped space. >>> we have bocce ball and areas they consider on benches around bushes and trees >>> for rudy to know any a decorated world war two veteran who survived a death march a dream come true >>> average 90 who knows what will happen in the future >>> he signed up to live in the facility but he cannot even though there is room in fact you'll notice no unless your at all. >>> j.p. trembly with the california department of veteran affairs >>> the governor but said an $18 billion deficit, every department in california it took to cut >>> he says that is why the fresno home and another facility in redding a mistake and the another year >>> if we can head of irene dunne were looking at the
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
says his grandmother was attacked in his car and he blasted police for not protecting the city. >>> it's a start somewhere it starts with someone getting accosted in the parking lots. they're not coming. it doesn't matter. nobody stopped me because we live in stockton and it is common sense and these people were like to and it is a shame and out of here because i have been lied to my entire life. in july stockton declared bankruptcy. police have lost 25% of its officers in recent years to layoffs and poaching by police departments and other cities. >>> and 11 year-old boy who was shot to is out of the hospital tonight but it could be a long time before he is truly healed. he talked to the reporter joe vasquez where you could sleep from now on. he's recovering from five surgery's any serious one to his liver. >>> i'm not back to normal but is i need to get better and so then i will be back to normal. today doctors gave the okay for the 11 year-old to return to his east oakland home. >>> were you a little scared? >>> is the only six days and somebody shot him through the walls of his
Oct 2, 2012 1:35am PDT
. why people in one bay area city were told, stop calling 911! >>> and new rules that make it tougher for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids, or do they? the surprising loophole thrown in at the last minute. one of the world's hottest clothing stores gets ready to make its west coast debut here in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was so loud, it could be heard for miles. police departments were flooded wih complaints. in fact san leandro police got so many s - that they sent out an ale, telling people to stop callg 9-1-1... and call oakland pe instead. here's cbs 5 reporr phil matier. (matier vo) it was billed as >> reporter: it rattled windows as far away as san leandro, seven and a half miles away. this alameda street is four and a half miles from the coliseum, but on the night of the rave, it was anything but quiet. >> just constant thumping with all the windows rattling. >> reporter: by coincidence, one of the people is the alameda county supervisor, who got an extra earful that night. >> it was extremely loud, from 6 to 2 a.m. i actually started getting calls to my house. >> wha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)